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/ Branded Spa Concepts

We don’t limit ourselves to precedence...
We eschew the formulaic process of spa development that makes it difficult to distinguish one spa from another. From the outset, we first completely deconstruct the idea of a spa, examining it from all angles as it relates to your brand and consider every detail before re-approaching the development process with depended insight.

Phase 1: Brand Research

In considering a spa concept, it is critical that sufficient research be undertaken to a fully understand the Brand, including its historic heritage and cultural significance. Comprehensive knowledge of facilities, operations, use of information technology systems, departments, and management style are crucial to a seamless integration of the spa concept and facility.

We analyze and create a guest profile through research, observation, and direct contact to determine the needs, expectations, lifestyle and preferences of the current and target client base to develop a concept that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

Our research is not complete till we have a full understanding of the Brand, are able to recognize its desired members and speak the language of Brand.

Phase 2: Concept Development

Upon completion of pre-concept research Conception llc will create and deliver a unique and distinct concept to present to our client. The concept will be innovative and extend the culture of the Brand enhancing and providing greater visibility for the Brand and an additional revenue stream. The concept will serve to reengage the most basic aspects of human communication, the senses with underlining themes of functionality, results, and luxury. When we develop a concept our intention is to create meaning.

Concept Development Deliverables Entails

  • Philosophy
  • Business Plan
  • Services/Menu Development
  • Branding Concept
  • Facility and Service Programming
  • Product Development and Equipment Options

Phase 3: Design and Construction

We believe good design begins with content, the language of the brand. Conception llc concepts and designs are Organic: we don’t believe in forcing design. Functional and Innovative: responds and anticipants the needs of the guests. Expressive: Space should not be static or stifled, good design has the ability to create culture, context for guests to express themselves.

Design and Construction Deliverables Entails

  • Architectural and Interior Design Layout
  • Technology Considerations
  • Construction Phases and Schedule

Phase 4: Pre-launch and Transition

Critical to the success of any concept launch are the team members that make up the brand culture. We have a strong network of exceptional people we can bring into a project. We work with our clients to align each concept with key team members that will allow for a successful launch on the front and bottom line. Spas are labor intensive, from the front desk to the locker rooms, a spa consists of several operations within a single operation—each requiring proper set-up and organization.

Conception LLC provides the necessary support and guidance to ensure every aspect of the launch is in proper order. We help ensure that our clients have appropriate Standard Operating Procedures in place. Since our concepts are built upon the existing brand we work efficaciously to achieve a seamless integration of the spa concept and facility into the overall brand.