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The Idealist / Olufemi Ibitayo

Born in Nigeria and raised in America, for me, the idea of home lies somewhere in between. With two parents as academics, I was encouraged from an early age to think critically, develop my ideas and create. My interest in the scientific and social aspects of behaviors that influence the decision-making process led me to study Macroeconomics at Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State.

My passion for a holistic approach to wellness and well-being was born as a result of severe medical reaction suffered by my brother. This was the catalyst that sparked my interest in exploring traditional forms of healing. I began my 10 year journey into the spa arena by first completing extensive course work at California Healing Arts College. I then spent two years traveling abroad, learning therapeutic techniques first hand and exploring cultures with rich and long histories of traditional and holistic medicine. My travels led me to China, Thailand, India, Turkey, Brazil and beyond before moving into spa management. Conception LLC is the culmination of my journey thus far. It is a joint venture between myself and awarding architectural design team Kevin and Kristopher Musumano. Guided by the chief objective of conceptualizing and designing spas that extend and enhance a brand’s inherent DNA.

Spa days, art, history, travel, people, cinema, laughter, competing and breaking bread, naan, tortilla, pita, injera are just a few of my favorite things. A cultural taste-tester and seasoned traveler with a well-worn passport I thrive at transforming creative concepts into tangible realities. Capturing the essence of who our clients are in order to create unforgettable branded spa experiences and spaces for their guests is what we do best. I am also the founder of, a culture portal with a refreshing contemporary view on art, music and cultures across Africa. In my "spare time," I also co-founded Love Blindly, a platform designed to simulate conversation and enliven advocacy for social causes.