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The Architect / Kevin & Kristopher Musumano

Kevin and Kristopher Musumano is a partnership in design between identical twin brothers. The partnership marries the brothers’ passions for art and design with their lifelong, collaborative efforts to create extraordinary and meaningful artifacts – buildings, environments, clothing, furniture, photographs and drawings.

Both Kevin and Kristopher Musumano received Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from The Rhode Island School of Design and Master of Architecture Degrees from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. Although the two have a shared educational trajectory, each brother brings a distinct history and set of experiences to the collaboration.

At RISD, Kevin studied Fashion Design and spent some of his formative years cutting fabric in a London fashion house and worked as a fashion designer in New York before returning to Harvard to pursue his education in Architecture. After Graduate School, Kevin practiced Interior Design in a small boutique design studio in Boston. It was an ideal setting for satiating his roving sensibilities. His work there included high-end residences, many high profile restaurants, exhibit design for several museums, and styling for magazines and newspapers. What Kevin finds most fascinating is the opportunity to develop a brand- to give a public face and identity that is specific to the clients project.

At RISD, Kristopher studied Architecture and traveled to Rome to survey and illustrate Antiquities and to Palermo Sicily, the site of his undergraduate Degree Project that explored the relationship between the urbanism of the city and the social customs and rituals that inform the city’s morphology and constitution. After Graduate School, Kristopher established an Architecture and Interior Design Practice in Miami Beach, FL where his firm won several Urban Design and Architecture competitions in historic districts of Miami and Miami Beach. There he collaborated on a variety of projects including the Royal Botanic Gardens in Tel Al-Rumman, Jordan; a Cultural Center in Cairo, Egypt; an Eco-Spa in the Alwathba Desert in the U.A.E., as well as several ‘experimental’ residences in the region and in Paris.

When designing something, we are very conscious of the relationship between the body, movement and the form of the artifact. In a garment, this relationship, the ‘fit’, varies according to the costume’s use and meaning. Like a garment, an environment may be tailored to the rituals that take place within it and offer the opportunity for a unique choreography that engages the moving body in space.

Our approach to style is unbiased and inclusive – we consider each project a unique form of research into the client’s lifestyle. Inspiration may come from a variety of sources: The sensual qualities of a raw and unexplored material, the excessive luxury of a Tony Duquette chandelier, the genius illustrations of vintage FLAIR magazines, the elaborate geometries of an Islamic pattern, the inherent qualities of a particular landscape or project site - Our goal is to create experiences that reflect our time and place but endure beyond the lifespan of a temporary trend.

The Musumano Brothers have received numerous awards for their work, including The Judith Arango Award for Modern Design, The American Institute of Architects Design Merit Award, The American Institute of Architects Interior Design Award and The Gold Medal for Design from the Bienal Miami+Beach International Design Competition